Video iPod Insight

Words from the Master.

A number of people have emailed a digital "shrug" over the whole "you can buy current TV shows for 2 bucks on iTunes" thing ... they basically all say the same thing: "What's the big deal?" Or, more to the point, "Why would you waste a 'Holy fuck' on something so lame?"

Obviously, these people are the types who lack vision. This isn't just buying pixels - this is completely and forever changing an industry. See that little link to "Mark Cuban" over on the right? It's worth following on any given day ... but today he sums up the ins and outs of what all of this means in a couple of hundred well-formed words.

Oh - and there are about six billion reasons (U.S.) why the man usually knows what he is talking about.

Posted: Fri - October 14, 2005 at 02:59 PM