8 Bits Of Wearable Joy

Woz + 6502 + Brown = Retro Geek Bliss

It was mentioned last week in These Very Pages that we are hard upon the 30th anniversary of Steve and Steve cobbling together the first Apple - arguably the first "personal" computer, as even the dreaded PET and much-less-dreaded TRS-80 were really aimed at the business crowd.

While Apple obviously has something planned for the big event in April, you can get a head start now with a new shirt from Tomi: The Wozwear 6502. This is easily the coolest shirt Tomi has done to date ... nay, this is the coolest shirt of all time, ever, period.

Goes on sale tonight (Tuesday) at 9:00 EST. 300 units only, signed and authenticated. Don't miss out.

Posted: Tue - January 17, 2006 at 08:07 AM