Xbox 3600

Retro gaming gone wild!

It appears that the industrial designers attached to the Xbox 360 team are somewhat proud of their work ... any 360 that comes with a hard drive (as opposed to the budget model that doesn't actually play any games) has a pre-loaded "Designing The Xbox" video feature on board.

Yeah, well, those guys suck. The real genius is in taking a shiny new 360 and cramming it into a spare Atari 2600 VGS case. Forget emulators - this is retro gaming taken to a whole new level.

And remember - despite those notes on the doors at your local Besy Buy ("Worldwide shortage! Yow!") there will be plenty for all on the shelves come Tuesday morning. Shhhhh ....

Posted: Fri - December 16, 2005 at 06:15 PM