Animal Crossing Countdown - T minus 14

It isn't called Wide World for nothing.

Today's Animal Crossing : Wild World tidbit is no secret at all ... this Animal Crossing will be on-line. The new AC hooks into the "Nintendo WiFi" service, giving you free on-line play anywhere you can find a hotspot. At home, at the coffee shop, anywhere there is wireless ... if you can get a signal, you can go beyond your village into the great beyond. And, if you throw open the gate to your town, other mopes can come over and jerk around with you.

The connectivity is pervasive, as well. The animal residents of your local burg will continue to visit and interact with the animal residents of towns you have visited in the past, even if you never get a chance to visit those villages personally ever again. Eventually a self-populating network of NPC communication is set up ... so an object that you give to one of your game neighbours may be taken to a town that you have visited, and from there get taken to another town, and so on, until the "Maple Leafs Suck Ass" poster that you made for your town bulletin board ends up on the wall of some guy living in Bulgaria.

Much boggling ensues.

Posted: Thu - November 24, 2005 at 12:41 AM