The Xbox 360 hype continues to creak along, as Microsoft keeps trying to lure back all of the people they drove away with that horrible MTV "launch" special. The latest foray was a demonstration of Project Gotham Racing 3 - a game that most of the press in attendance immediately shrugged off as nothing more than a port of the current version. Apparently, last-gen ports and unplayable renderware are quickly becoming the hallmark of the 360.

However, that is old news and not what this is about. Instead, this is about the fact that at the aforementioned demo, some Microsoft drones revealed that you can plug your iPod right into the 360 and immediately browse and play your songs and playlists - the new Xbox recognizes the 'pod for what it is and deals with it accordingly.

This is not terribly surprising when you consider that Microsoft is trying to see the Xbox as a "home media console" and not just a game slab, but very surprising when you remember that the trolls in Redmond have spent the last 4 years trying to convince consumers that they will more or less get leprosy if they even think about touching a 'pod.

Posted: Fri - November 4, 2005 at 05:57 AM