Geekback - Disenfranchised

"Dear Fellow Working Canadian ..."

The NDP candidate in my riding checked in late last night with a fucking form letter. Unbelievable. Worse, it was a form letter and it came two and a half days after I sent my query. The obvious inference is that:

A) the socialist candidate is such a techno-feeb that she can't work an email client to actually send a reply, and

B) her staff is so inept that they can't even figure out how to set an auto-reply and they have some poor drone copying and pasting the canned response into manual replies.

Un-fucking-believable. I mean, Stephen Harper is a racist, homophobic, demonstrably stupid lunatic. He is probably the single most disgusting and unlikable political figure in the last 30 years (and yes, I am including both Brian Mulroney and Slobodan Milosevic in that list) and voting for the possibility that he may become Prime Minister is about appealing as cutting off your own fingers one by one with a very rusty steak knife ... but the monkeys from the other parties aren't really giving me a choice here.

Jeezus, people, get with the program. Try and win my goddamn vote!

Posted: Thu - January 19, 2006 at 10:26 AM