Election Day

Fearless predictions.

The time has come. Today we elect a new government, and there are some certainties involved:

1 - The new Prime Minister will be a hypocrite, a sleazebag, an asshole, or a combination thereof.

2 - Myron Thompson will inexplicably be returned to the House of Commons yet again.

3 - Jack Layton will claim a great victory for the socialist movement no matter how many seats the NDP scrape together.

4 - Rick Mercer's election night special will be hilarious.

5 - No candidate in any riding will display even a tenuous grasp of tech and/or communications issues.

6 - Peter Mansbridge will be on the air for less that 48 seconds before he utters the first "fascinating".

So get yourself a nap this afternoon and settle in with an extra big bowl of popcorn tonight. Still to come: The results of the Great Local Candidate email extravaganza! Stay tuned!

Posted: Mon - January 23, 2006 at 09:32 AM