Every vote counts.

Okay, so I figure that I have already pretty much blown my "no blogging about the election" vow, and I can more or less spew at will now. Here's the deal: I cannot find it in my heart to cast my vote based on the leadership of the big three national parties - the choice between The Slimy Thieving Loser, The Creepy Nazi Loser, and The Completely Hypocritical Loser is not a choice that I care to consciously make. So in the true spirit of the parliamentary style of government, I have dashed off emails to four of my local candidates, asking their opinions on issues that matter to me.

Their responses (or lack thereof) will determine my vote. I'll cast my ballot for the best of the local mopes, regardless of the general ickyness that surrounds the leader that they happened to be attached to.

Posted: Mon - January 16, 2006 at 05:19 PM