Geek Life v1.1

Before the plunge to WordPress and a more robust blogging infrastructure, I used flat HTML pages that were organized by a package called iBlog. iBlog is small and quick and makes pretty much universal files, but it is also as flaky as hell. Among other things, that means there is no real way to import the old iBlog pages into the WordPress structure.

Rather than lose 2 years of posts, however, I will toss them up here as an external set of files. Sadly, there is no easy way to put a link back to here into those pages, so when you want to return you will have to do it manually. Note also that there is a small bit overlap in January of 2006 – I manually entered the January items so that v2.0 would start in a logical spot.

Click here to enter GeekLife v1.1 – the first two years of this blog. Enjoy.

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