Holding Out For A New Phone?

You don’t need to wait much longer. A little birdie just passed along the scoop: Apple will hold a release event on September 9th with the following agenda:

The “mid-life” updates to the iPhone 6 line – a 6S and a 6S Plus. A performance bump and force-touch screens will be the main changes from the original 6 lineup.

The re-booted Apple TV that was supposed to be shown at WWDC and pulled at the 11th hour. The new unit will move into the iOS family, be positioned more as a “cable-cutting” device than a “personal media” one, have a far-more-useful remote, and it’s own section of the App Store.

iOS 9, since it is sort of needed for that Apple TV thing.

Watch OS 2.0. This is the version that starts the inevitable process of de-tethering the Apple Watch from the iPhone “mothership”, and begins to push the Watch out of the “novelty” market and into the “everyday device” zone.

Ready for some shiny new toys? You don’t have long to wait.


  1. A is for Apple says:

    So…will there be an iPad update?

    • geekboy says:

      Yes, in October. If you have been paying attention, you will notice that Apple has a phone event in September and a tablet event in October each year. This event is in September, so no iPad news at this one.

      Get a grip, man!

      • A is for Apple says:

        Grip has been gotten:) I think I was lead astray by a few rumor sites claiming iPads may drop.

        I will sufficiently slow my roll.

  2. Rob says:

    thanks! was literally going to send an email enquiring about the september phone event.

    will wait and see then get a new phone

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