Cross-Platform BBM Released. For Reals!

One month after the abortive – and quickly cancelled – “launch” of the cross-platform version of Blackberry Messenger, the folks in Waterloo have given it another try. And this time it actually works! Of course, if you didn’t sign up before today you won’t be able to sign in … and there is no actual word from Blackberry on how long you will have to wait. If you signed up already, you got the download link via email. For everyone else, this is where you can grab it, but you won’t be able to use it. Yet.

As for the app itself, it seems to have almost nothing in common with the disaster version that was prematurely ejaculated to the world last month. In fact, it’s very much like Blackberry 10: Unspectacular, a bit sluggish, but generally competent and would have been just fine as a release in 2009. Now? It just feels a bit … dated. But, oddly enough, not as dated as the BB10 OS, which is both interesting (to me) and troubling (for Blackberry). Why doesn’t BB10 have at least this level of polish?

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