Blackberry’s “Open Letter”

You probably read the “open letter” from the folks up in Waterloo this week. And after you were done laughing, you went on with your daily whatever. Not so over at Maclean’s, though. Scott Feschuk decided to channel his Inner Gruber and read between the lines. Kudos.

Interestingly, one of the cornerstones of Blackberry’s “not dead yet” message is that lots and lots of people on other platforms want to get on Blackberry Messenger whenever it is actually announced. Which means … what? With no possible monetization, the only possible goal here is to somehow slow the defection of existing users. And if simply slowing down the tide of lost business is now the centerpiece of your business strategy, well, yikes. With a capital “Y”.

(Thanks to Smartie Red for the tip!)

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