Cash money

Evil government taxes go back where they belong.

As mentioned in These Very Pages a couple of weeks ago, the Supreme Court of Canada did the right thing and knocked down the evil and unnecessary tax on digital music devices - a tax that was nothing more than a way for record companies to get richer at the expense of music buyers and independent artists. Especially independent artists.

Part of the ruling was an order for the government (who collected the tax on behalf of the insanely rich record companies and a small but also-insanely-rich stable of musicians) to give then collected taxes back to the manufacturers of the previously-taxed products - about four million bucks.

Apple Canada has announced that they will turn around and give this money back to the people it belongs to - the consumers. No surprise there. But Sony and Dell, who are also getting serious chunks of money back from the evil trolls in Ottawa, have no such plans. The are going to pocket the money and run.

No surprise there, either.

Posted: Tue - August 9, 2005 at 10:27 AM