"One More Thing" Quick-n-Dirty Update Redux

Colour me stupid ... there is a video iPod. I'll be dammed. (UPDATED for TV Shows)

Half-formed and sketchy information coming from the Apple Event occurring in San Francisco this morning:

- Video iPod. Yeah, so I was wrong. Sue me. There IS a mitigating factor here, though. Full discussion later.
- New iMac - built in iSight and support for (included) A/V remote control - listen to iTunes from the comfort of your couch.
- New iTunes - version 6. Includes support for the remote control and support for music videos purchases from the iTunes store
- Music videos - 2000 available to buy now at 2 bucks a pop.
- new music and photo apps: Front Row and Photobooth
- the ability to "gift" music and videos to friends from the iTunes store
- LATE NEWS: you will be able to buy TV shows at the iTunes store for 2 bucks an episode. Holy fuck.

More to come, complete knee-jerk discussion to follow.

Posted: Wed - October 12, 2005 at 02:10 PM