Big steaming pile o' Tiger

Notes, discoveries, and observations a-plenty.

Quickie observations, discoveries, and beefs from Day One:

Highlighting a word in most applications and pressing Command-Control-D pops up a little window with a definition of the word. UPDATE: This doesn't work, for obvious reasons, in apps that do not use the cocoa text toolbox. SECOND UPDATE: You can turn this off in the preferences of the Dictionary application ("Open Dictionary Panel").

Command-R refreshes all of your Dashboard widgets with a slick little shimmer/ripple effect.

The Battery item in the menu bar now offers once-click access to your energy saver presets.

Automator is the bomb. It won't replace the Script Editor for intricate stuff, but it will (a) let experienced users create one-shot Stupid Little Scripts in 3 or 4 seconds, and (b) let less-experience users enjoy the power of scripting for the first time.

Speaking of Automator ... the“Save as Plugin” function is really swank. It makes a new a contextual menu item for the finder.

Image files now show their dimensions in the finder. About f*cking time.

Safari’s much-ballyhooed RSS integration is nice, but not as nice as most stand-alone RSS aggregators. Still a great way to get newbies into the world of newsfeeds, though.

On the other paw, the RSS button in Safari will happily forward the RSS URL to your default newsreader if you already have one. Better yet, NetNewsWire (my default RSS reader) automatically makes a new subscription when it gets this feed. Yes, those are tears of joy you see.

Preview can now save as GIF - great for making quickie icons for blogs and stuff.

“Smart Folders” aren't really searches. They are saved as a preference plist - they really don’t exist until you open them. Oddly, they do save the window state, just like the real thing.

AppleScript dialogs and icons now look like OS X items and not leftovers from the 90s.

The “automatic” font smoothing style picks the best settings for your main display. Seems to actually work, too - nice trick. Fortunately (for those of us with multiple monitors) it can be turned off.

iChat recognizes and feeds AIM profiles.

iChat still needs to refresh the "status" more often.

Stickies gets a "Window" menu - a huge boon for Sticky addicts.

Safari warns and asks for confirmation before mounting a downloaded disk image that contains an application. Nice.

Posted: Fri - April 29, 2005 at 10:01 PM