Mysteries of the Revolution - Part 1

Finally - the barest tidbit of info.

The next-gen console wars are already in full swing, and Microsoft and Sony are throwing punches left and right. MTV events, breathless press conferences, screenshots, whatever. But what about Nintendo? The Kyoto mafia have been deathly quiet, simply saying that Nintendo's next-gen console (currently called "Revolution", but you can be sure that is going to change) will feature a controller that will change the way that games are played. Beyond that, nothing. Not a hint, not a clue, just a stoic stonewall of Japanese silence.

But - there are a precious few people outside of the Big N who have seen the Revolution's controller. Some of the upper-crust game designers at a couple of key studios are in the know, having been shown the big secret as part of a push to make sure that there are some kick-ass titles available at launch. One of these is Peter Molyneax, the sublime genius behind Black and White. He is sworn to secrecy about any actual details of the Revolution's controller, but he did have this to say:

"There is a line at the end of the book 'Game Over' and it is, 'Never underestimate Nintendo.' That is all I can say about the controller."

Damn. Now, the translation may not be exact (my Hirigana is a bit spotty) but it's close enough. If you think you can do better, here is the original article. Suffice to say that a lot of Nintendo fanboys are squirming with delight over this one ... things just got very interesting.

Posted: Wed - August 31, 2005 at 04:58 PM