Did you wash your hands?

Ultra-secure portable storage.

This just in - portable USB "keychain" drives with fingerprint security. These little babies come in sizes up to 4GB, and they have a built-in biometric sensor to protect your data. Better, they are the first fingerprint-based USB devices of this size that are platform-independent. All of the firmware resides in the little drive, and an on-board LCD display makes setup and testing 100% compatable with any operating system, period.

Of course, this wont help if the Homeland Security creeps come and demand your data, they could just cut your finger off and swipe it themselves, something that would not be completely outside of their standard M.O. Luckily, the designers of this thing also made allowances for a traditional password. Two thumbs up.

Posted: Tue - August 2, 2005 at 09:16 AM