All your base ...

Yeah, yeah, old joke, I know.

For the past two weeks, all of the buzz and most of the twitters in geek land have been about Google Base. Much-rumoured but as-yet-unconfirmed, Google Base started life as the foundation of their upcoming Google Classifieds service. However, in the spirit of the "information for all" mantra that drives the Google gang, the framework has been extended both in scope and in accessibility.

The scope of the thing is now so huge that the smart money is betting on Google looking beyond mere classifieds and taking a shot at both EBay and Craigslist - heavyweights indeed. The accessibility, meanwhile, now looks to be universal, so everyone can use Google Base to store whatever they want. If you have information of any sort, GB would prefer that you post it with them. For you: Access to your data from anywhere, at anytime, with whatever front end and search capacities you see fit to whip up. For them: A stupidly large cross-reference of everything ever. The more data that goes in, the better the existing data becomes.

Google Base has been active on and off for the past week or so. Even though it isn't official yet - and according to Google, doesn't actually exist - you can play with it if you hit the URL at the right time of day.

Posted: Mon - October 31, 2005 at 09:17 AM