Okay, maybe not "everybody"

One key function seems to be broken under Tiger

It appears that Cisco's VPN client software may be broken when run under Tiger. CNET has an article examining the issue, with confirmation from Cisco that this is a problem. However, some users are reporting that this is only with the "built-in" VPN functionality of the OSX "Internet Connect" pane, and the stand-alone client works fine if you re-install. I am able to use the stand-alone client without issue to connect to my corporate VPN, but I reinstalled after my upgrade before attempting to connect. Also, I have never used the built-in VPN package, so I cannot compare the operation of the stand-alone .vs. the built-in.

It would make sense, however, that the built-in VPN has a flaw when used with existing systems. There's a new button for "On Demand VPN" in Internet Connect which supposedly allows multiple VPN protocols to run simultaneously. This may be the sticking point with the Cisco VPN - more details as they appear.

Posted: Fri - April 29, 2005 at 01:24 AM