Bye Bye Birdie

What have you done with my cron?

Holy shit, they killed cron! Day 5 of the TigerFest, and I was wondering why none of my cron jobs had seen fit to wake up and do their thing. Turns out that cron, the long-standard and somewhat venerable unix automation package, has been deep-sixed by Apple. Instead, they have whipped up something called "launchd" to extend the basic functionality or operating system automation. Not coincidentally, this also is a key part of the "Automator" package.

Now, if I was less of a fenderhead, I would have noticed that Apple specifically mentioned this on their OSX/unix page. Poking around the package reveals some seriously cool features and functions. Better yet, Apple has open-sourced the whole thing and is hoping that all the other unix kids will take a look. The unix crew at Ars Technica has a fairly good synopsis of the thought process behind the whole thing. I love the line about "one launch daemon to rule them all." Heh.

Posted: Tue - May 3, 2005 at 11:22 AM