Crank up the rumour mill ... again

Here we go again!

The iTunes phone rumour mill is once again cranking away at full speed, this time with a target date of September 7th. A large number of Apple fellows and associates have been invited to a "below-the-radar-for-now" press conference at the Moscone Centre, the traditional site of ground-breaking announcements from the kids from Cupertino. Geek writers from coast to coast have jumped all over this one, and you can almost hear the drooling. The current betting line has the phone loaded with standard iTunes software, a wireless desktop sync-link, and Cingular being the first provider to jump on board. Stay tuned ...

NOTE: If any one is going to be in San Francisco that day and wants my invite, drop me a line. I am annoyingly unable to attend.

Posted: Tue - August 30, 2005 at 09:52 AM