MacWorld Keynote

It's like xmas all over again!

Today's the day, and as you can see, everyone is all agog over the mysteries of Steve's keynote:

So - without further ado, at T minus 7 hours and counting, here are the latest bits of semi-educated guesses and wild stabs in the dark:

Smaller iPod nano: No, not smaller in size, you would lose the damn thing. Smaller hard drive, with the potential to replace the Shuffle in both general price point and storage capacity. I'm still hanging on to this as the best possibility of a rumour-come-true.

Debut of the first "Yonah" PowerBooks: Call this one a sorta-maybe. The PowerBooks traditionally get a little goose at MacWorld, and they are logically the first ones to get the new Yonah processors as Apple moves to an "all-portable" market strategy. But there are enough bugs to work out at this point that Jobs may not want to risk pulling a "Bill" and having his hardware fail on stage.

iLife 06: The "digital lifestyle" suite that ships with every Mac (and is available for dirt cheap if you already have one) will be revamped with a built-in blogging/podcasing/web presence package called iWeb. This one is a slam-dunk at this point - essentially 100% probability.

Apple PVR: This seems pretty much off the table now - originally thought to be part of the iLife package, it seems dead in the water unless it just happens to show up in ....

Big-ass Plasma Flat Screen Macs: This is the wild card, and the crazy rumour that was making the rounds at Apple Canada yesterday. Either a 50" Apple-branded plasma HD display, or a 42" plasma display with an integrated Mac that would be the centre of your media suite with built-in PVR and satellite/streaming audio interfaces. The computer would nominally be controlled by a 12-button remote with a built in LCD navigation display, but you could also plug in a keyboard and mouse (wired or Bluetooth) for email, web surfing, programming, etc. Far-fetched? Very. But - we all know how much Steve loves things that are insanely cool ... and this would definitely count.

Stay tuned ...

Posted: Tue - January 10, 2006 at 07:27 AM