Talkin' Google

No, really ... talking Google!

Crazed hot rumours are abounding regarding the maybe-yes maybe-no might-be-vapourware Google instant messenger service. A quick rundown:

Crazed Rumour 1: Google will announce yet another foray into yet another area this Wednesday when they launch Talk Google, Google Talk, or Google Whatever-the-hell-it-will-be. Various credible parties are convinced that this is true. How the big G hopes to make money in a market that already has three 800 kg gorillas certainly beats the hell out of me.

Crazed Rumour 2: There is at least one Google messaging server already up and running. This is definitely true. But - lots of companies have Jabber servers for internal IM use, and Google would certainly fit the profile of this sort of company. Vaguely related aside: Any company that doesn't have an in-house IM server is really missing the boat.

Crazed Rumour 3: The rumours are all bullshit and the whole thing is either blatant fabrication of wishful thinking.

Stay tuned ... as the red-haired kid said, tomorrow is only a day away.

Posted: Tue - August 23, 2005 at 03:46 PM