Deja vu again

It's not really news, but ...

Hundreds and possibly thousands of mission-critical windoze machines are shutting down and/or becoming zombiebots even as you read this. A new pandemic of worms and trojans is sweeping across western Europe and the United States. The infections are affecting Win2k boxes, and are borne along by the fact that Redmond still cant get even basic security functions to work in their Internet Exploder web browser. Despite quietly releasing a patch for these exact vulnerabilities last week, the machines continue to be taken over by malicious code riding behind JPEG images. The patch, apparently, works about as well as everything else from Microshaft ... ie: not at all.

If you have a real computer, of course, you are immune to all of this and can safely move on to the next item. Oddly enough, when the talking heads on the broadcast news stations breathlessly report on this tomorrow (a day late, natch) they will probably forget to pass that little tidbit of information along. They always do.

Posted: Tue - August 16, 2005 at 08:42 PM