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New ibooks confirmed?

The hot rumour surrounding new iBooks (as noted in These Very Pages last week) continues to gain steam. The latest juicy tidbit is that two new iBooks (with new lower price points) have appeared as parts numbers in internal Apple retail databases. As an added bonus, three new Mac Minis have also appeared as parts numbers, with one of the new Minis being insanely cheap, and the other two showing Bluetooth and AirPort Extreme built-in. Check back tomorrow for more info.

UPDATE: The iBooks are showing prices of $999 and $1299 (all prices in USD) and the Mac Minis are in the retail database at $499, $599, and $699. The part number designations suggest that the $599 and $699 Mini models will have AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth, and SuperDrives as standard equipment instead of as the previous "build to order" options. Let the speculation begin.

UPDATE 2: These models could be officially announced as early as Tuesday.

Posted: Mon - July 25, 2005 at 03:49 PM