Desktop Manager for OSX

Get your screen-swapping action here!

Those of us who grew up with unix already know the joy of switchable desktops ... ditto for users of the KDE or Gnome interfaces on their Linux install. While it is a pretty sure bet that Windoze mopes will neither understand nor appreciate this functionality, I am guessing that there are lots of enlightened OSX users out there would be be delighted to have this little tweak on their system.

Start delighting, kiddies. Desktop Manager is now stable on both Panther and Tiger, and is worth every second of download time. You can get it either as source or a nicely-finished and ready-to-run DMG image right here. Make sure you stick with the 0.5.3 version, the 0.6 is a bit nasty at this point in time. Big thanks to DBAG for passing this along - the version 0.5 release had slipped under my geek radar.

Posted: Fri - September 23, 2005 at 11:26 AM