Blood Plague

Sucks to be human.

So there was this new patch for World of Warcraft last week, and along with the usual assortment of adjustments and tweaks there was a new instance opened up deep in the jungles. This one was a foray for the Alliance creeps (ie: pathetic humans and their lackeys and dupes) against a legendary troll god. The gang at Blizzard didn't think it through, though, and ended up spreading a plague across the game world, one that was infecting and wiping out players within minutes of logging in. For even greater entertainment value, the "blood plague" only affected the Alliance, and the Horde players were unscathed and free to laugh at the dorks on the other side of the fence.

Sadly, nothing this hilarious lasts forever, and yesterday the Powers That Be modified the instance so that the "Corrupted Blood" de-buff was limited to within the instance proper, and could not be taken into the outside world. It took another 6 hours and a set of rolling restarts on the realm servers to actually eliminate the plague though - and at one point last night there were still reports of remote NPCs in the north part of Kalimdor that were still shedding virus.

Odd note: The original post (detailing this problem and Blizzard's attempts to deal with it) on the "official" Warcraft forums has mysteriously disappeared. Now that the problem is solved, are they trying to pretend that it never happened? Weird.

Anyway, Horde forever. And all like that.

Posted: Mon - September 19, 2005 at 11:19 PM