Flaming blocks from space.

As the library of titles for the Nintendo DS slowly grows, more and more games are original and innovative titles that are driven by the DS's unique technology. While the PSP continues to see a stream of releases that are just recycled PlayStation titles with spectacularly long load times, the DS is now home to a few games that just would not be possible without a touch screen, wireless networking, dual screens, voice recognition, or the dreaded All Of The Above.

Meteos doesn't quite make "All Of The Above", but it comes damn close with 3 out of 4. It takes the ol' "falling block" genre and turns it on it's ear with a combination of instantly intuitive controls (via the stylus and touch screen) and wildly innovative game play that uses inertia, gravity, and flaming rockets to create something visually dazzling and dangerously addictive.

Added bonuses: The soundtracks are awesome. And the multiplayer support takes full advantage of the built-in wireless networking, to the point where only one player actually needs a copy of Meteos, and up to three other players can join in with their DS units despite not actually owning the game. If each player DOES have a copy, however, vast new playfields and options are opened up, adding more replay and exploration value to the title.

I was only able to play this game for about 6 minutes on a friend's machine while gobbling some lunch at work this week. But that 6 minutes was enough to be totally hooked. I would have gladly goofed with it all day just to hear the music, let alone get immersed into the awesomeness of the game play.

If you have a DS, you must get this game.

HOT TIP: I heard from two different sources that you can get the game for a measly 9 bucks (Canadian!) at Future Shop if you buy a DS at the same time. I haven't had time to drop in to a store to find out for sure, though. If anyone has any concrete info on this, send it along.

Posted: Thu - June 30, 2005 at 10:34 AM