Yeah, It's More Sony Crap

Quite possibly the last thing you will ever have to read about this.

The Sony rootkit thing pretty much continues to have a life of it's own, despite the fact that the label has finally (and very reluctantly) agreed to replace the evil CDs with ones that don't fuck up your 'puter. Of course, the "removal" tool that they are offering still pretty much trashes your system, but Sony doesn't see that as their particular problem.

What we have now are people lining up to sue the bastards' asses off, in both individual and class-action pieces of litigation. Meanwhile, a lot of white-collar types are mightily pissed off as employers around the globe have gotten into the act by banning CDs in the workplace, period, since you never know what the record company slimeballs will be slipping onto the damn things. Having to drudge through a day of 8-5 slavery without the simple mental escape provided by the latest rocking tunes from Celine Dion is a specter that chills the hearts of cube-dwellers everywhere.

And, just to make the entire thing even more inane than it already was, it turns out that the DRM / spyware / rootkit package can be defeated by sticking a piece of scotch tape on the CD. This fools the computer into thinking it is a single session CD - with just the audio tracks - and off you go. Those Sony guys, they are right on the Cutting Fucking Edge of technology, you betcha.

Posted: Tue - November 22, 2005 at 03:41 PM