Another Week, Another Worm.

More spamware follies.

I was waiting for this one ... the latest worm to be making the rounds hijacks your web browser and waits for you to try and hit Google or Yahoo. When you search for an item, it comes back with phony links that direct you to spamware and spyware sites. The worm is disguised as a "search tool" called PremiumSearch and can be picked up by visiting spamware web sites with an always-secure copy of Internet Explorer (sarcasm! sarcasm!) or by installing it yourself - apparently some morons are actually dim enough to install shit like this (along with HotBar, RocketBar, blah blah blah) voluntarily.

Anyway, I find the whole thing insanely amusing - these guys even went so far as to include a fake google toolbar. Heh. As always, anyone running on proper hardware or with a real OS is immune, and can feel free to sit back and laugh at their windoze-using friends.

Posted: Fri - September 30, 2005 at 06:16 PM