Idiocy in the music biz.

Record company and copyright execs are clueless. Big surprise.

The latest attempt to screw over Canadians who listen to digital music came to light this week as SOCAN (at the behest of CRIA) is lobbying to place an incredible forty percent tax on all legally downloaded music. This is supposedly to "protect the artists" from the subsequent distribution of these audio files, despite the fact that damage to the actual artists from peer-to-peer file sharing has been shown to be pretty much non-existent. The fact that this tax is impossible to apply to files legally downloaded from outside the country has completely escaped these morons, and the only thing that this plan would accomplish is the destruction of legal Canadian companies.

I would call the whole cabal a bunch of raving assholes, but you probably already came to that conclusion on your own, so I will refrain. For now.

Posted: Tue - April 19, 2005 at 09:54 PM