How to make 12 bucks a day on the back of the Pope.

A Florida dude who is a little more astute than the rest of us managed to snag the "" internet domain two full weeks before the cardinals actually elected the Nazi Pope. He simply bought up all of the domains that matched up to likely names of the new pope, and sat back to hope for the best. If Der Popenfurher had picked a brand new name - like Pope Arnold or Pope Shaquille or Pope Deiter - it would have screwed up the whole plan, but progressive ideas aren't really the church's thing these days. The domain has been seeing about 100 hits a minute since the election of the new pope, and is generating about 12 bucks a day in ad revenue. The whole investment should start turning a profit by the end of the week.

Oh - and in case you were wondering, "" has already been taken. Damn.

Posted: Wed - April 20, 2005 at 06:59 PM