Firefly returns

Ice cream and anchovies.

Firefly was the sci-fi show on Fox that was smart and witty and had some depth and made viewers think. Sadly, "smart", "think" and "Fox" go together about as well as ice cream and anchovies, and Firefly got the tank. Geeks everywhere wept.

The Sci Fi Channel has jumped to the rescue, however, and is giving the series a new home. Not only will they show the whole series (Fox only aired 6 episodes) but they will actually show them in order - something Fox was unable to do because, like most Bush supporters, counting to 6 is really hard for them. Is it coincidence that this is just a couple of months before the big-screen release of Serenity, the cinematic continuation of the saga? Probably not. Do we care? Not a chance.

Posted: Thu - June 16, 2005 at 03:44 PM