Snow White and the Seven Vistas

What about the Home Premium Starter Basic Enterprise Media Ultimate Edition?

So the trolls at Microsoft apparently have forgotten the Windows ME debacle, and are planning yet another round of confusing and conflicting names and editions when they finally get around to releasing "Vista". They are going to milk this one to death, offering the next version of Windoze in seven (seven!) different versions. You got your Home Basic Edition, your Home Premium Edition, your Professional Small Business Edition, your Professional Enterprise Business Edition ... yadda yadda whatever. I am sure there will be a Home Starter Media Entertainment On-line Value Upgrade Security edition at some point. I think the point here is to confuse people enough that they accidentally buy the wrong version and have to go back and spring for the damn thing twice. Or maybe they just want to try and hide the fact that under the hood it is just an OSX Panther clone. If you cant dazzle the masses with actual innovation, you can always baffle them with multi-version bullshit.

Posted: Mon - September 12, 2005 at 06:59 AM