Oooo ... shiny!

Must ... have ... new ... Palm.

Anyone who has used, experienced, seen, or even heard of a PDA knows that the Palm products are head, shoulders, and most of a torso above the dismal offerings of Pocket PC. The only place that Palm has lagged is in storage space and wireless connectivity.

You can now consider those weaknesses a thing of the past. Today Palm released the LifeDrive and, despite the jarhead name, it is the bomb. Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, great steaming gobs of storage space, and all of the awesome apps that Palm is known for, with full third-part and homebrew support. Plus, unlike loser Pocket PC devices, the LifeDrive (like all of Palm's products) is compatible with real desktop computers right out of the box.

Come to poppa ...

Posted: Wed - May 18, 2005 at 01:59 PM