About time

Roll, Kirby, Roll!

Everyone has seen a Nintendo DS. A lot of people have even held one and goofed around with it in a store. And the the response invariably is, "That's cool, but what's the point?" Everyone sees the DS as a solution in search of a problem. Why do you need two screens? Why do you need a touch screen? The GameBoy works fine (in fact, the GameBoy Advance SP might be, at this point in history, the best gaming system ever) so why change it?

It's because games are getting stagnant and boring, that's why. GTA: San Andreas sold a grillion copies, but it was amazingly dull after about 2 hours. Halo 2 sold a grillion and six copies, and unless you bothered to download the cheats and exploits, it was also fairly dull. Been there, done that, played it in Halo 1. There has to be something more. There has to be something that makes your brain go "woo" the same way it did the first time you stomped a mushroom in Super Mario Bros.

Your patience, as they say, has been rewarded.

The first title to really use the capabilities of the Nintendo DS to change the way that games are played is on the shelves today. Kirby's Canvas Curse is a riot. It is fun, it is new, it is intuitive, it is different, it is awesome, and it shows how the simplest concept can once again make your brain sing. Joystick? None. Control buttons? None. Fire, jump, duck, triple combinations of 5 buttons that make a special combo, nada. Its a loving combination of inertia, physics, and drawing lines on the screen. We love to draw. We drew roads for our Matchbox cars as kids. We doodled in high school. And now we can draw to interact with a game in a way that makes the experience seamless and, well, a part of us.

If you have a DS, you must get a copy of Canvas Curse today. Stop on your way home. Hit the store at lunch. Just GET ONE.

Posted: Tue - June 14, 2005 at 02:40 AM