The Worst Sort Of Evil

No wonder people "steal" music.

Okay - so this thing has been kicking around for about a week. It started out as an annoyance, and has now (quite rightly) escalated to a bona fide controversy.

A quick summary:

- A large number of new audio CDs from Sony are copy-protected.
- These CDs will (according to most accounts) not play on Linux boxen, OS9/OSX machines, a lot of car stereos, and most slot-loading mini-component stereos.
- These CDs will play on your Windoze box, but only after the CD loads some "protection software"
- The "protection software" is actually that most heinous of heinous devices, a rootkit.
- There is no practical way for the average mope to either (a) find out about the damn thing, or (b) get rid of it.
- Sony is fucking evil.

The main chatter regarding all of this is that Sony's underhanded machinations leave your system open to malicious attacks - or, more accurately, one more malicious attack than the grillion or so that Windoze is already open to - but this isn't the real point. People with a little more clarity of thought have correctly pointed out that Sony has already launched a malicious attack on the affected computers. The crime isn't in what some script kiddie can do to a machine afterwards, the crime is in corporate shitheads like Sony taking both the law and the integrity of consumer's systems into their own filthy moneygrubbing hands.

Die, Sony, die.

Posted: Thu - November 3, 2005 at 02:28 PM