Big steaming pile o' Tiger - The sequel

Still yet more notes and discoveries.

More interesting crap from Day One:

In case anyone forgot, Command-SPACE brings up the Spotlight query pane.

The location bar in Safari is now an honest-to-goshen NSToolbar. Holy shit.

The finder is now instantly becomes aware of changes made at the command-line level vis-a-vis rights or creator types.

The printer dialog/status dealie keeps a history of successful print jobs.

Contextual menus on images in Safari now have an “Add Image to iPhoto Library” item.

Contextual menus on images in the finder have a "Slideshow" button - highlight a group of images, hit the switch, and you get a stand-alone slideshow without importing the pictures to iPhoto first. Mostly useless, but very cool.

iChat now offers "what I am listening to in iTunes" as a standard status instead of as an add-on. I have heard rumour that the person at the other end of iChat can one-click to that item in the iTunes Music Store when they are talking to you, but haven't been able to confirm for sure.

The iChat "Paste and Match Style" function is broken. It pastes, but it does not match style. Grumble.

Dragging a picture from an application or an image file from the finder onto the “Tile Game” widget makes a new game with that picture. Yes, Steve showed this in the keynote, but it is wacky cool and I have to mention it.

Help Viewer now searches Apple’s online support articles in real time.

TextEdit can export to valid HTML or XHTML, with embedded CSS, inline CSS, or no CSS.

Screen captures are now defaulted to PNG instead of PDF format.

CPU usage is way down - especially for noted cycle pigs like Safari. Sweet.

Did I mention that Command-SPACE brings up the Spotlight query pane?

Posted: Fri - April 29, 2005 at 10:31 PM