Holy current events, Batman!

Sockmonkey passed along this excellent little discussion of some common consumer RFID devices and the somewhat pathetic lack of encryption therein. 40-bit encryption is a joke, really, but these little items don't have any storage room for a longer key. So the retailers are stuck passing out easy-to-crack goods, and they are left with a choice - either tell consumers that they are carrying around stupidly un-secure devices, or keep quiet and hope that no one notices. Guess which one they tend to pick?

NOTE: At the rumoured two-bucks-a-litre price that we will be seeing in the wake of Hurricane Rita, the $3500 that it would cost to build yourself one of these rigs seems like a bargain. You can make that back in less than 20 fill-ups. Get cracking.

Posted: Thu - September 22, 2005 at 12:08 PM