Land Of The "Free" - The Sequel

Freedom is on the march! Again!

A U.S. government policy document released last Friday at 9:00 PM (which conveniently avoids most press coverage) gives the FBI the right to approve and/or veto any software you might use on your personal computer. If the software allows any sort of communication and doesn't offer a backdoor to let the government snoop on you, then it is (according to this new rule) verboten. Reading the policy document (the entire thing is available here) makes it clear that this would affect everything from chat programs that allow voice to web browsers that can access chat rooms to games that have an on-line component.

The policy document is pretty dense, but if you live below the 49th, I think you really need to wade through it. As with most of these initiatives by the Bush administration, the rationale for yet another invasion of privacy is to protect from terrorists who (we are told) hate the United States because of all the "freedom" that American enjoy.

Some "freedom". This is Really Bad Shit.

Posted: Fri - September 30, 2005 at 01:01 PM