File under "Gullible"

Well, they bought Windoze, right?

Hot news today is the "exLink Shuffle" which claims to be a "special" extension cable for your iPod Shuffle so that you don't have to "contort" to sync your Shuffle with your computer. Two comments:

1 - this is aimed squarely at Windoze users, since Mac boxes have their USB ports up front and/or on the keyboard. This concept has mostly eluded the thought processes of Wintel manufacturers - after all, you wouldn't want to really use the ports, would you?

2 - the company must think that Windoze users are really dim, since this is just a standard USB extension cable priced at fifteen bucks (U.S.). You can get a pack of four USB extension cables for 12 bucks (CDN) at the department store.

Caveat Emptor indeed.

Posted: Mon - April 11, 2005 at 10:18 PM