Side Effects

OSX 10.3.9 includes serious Safari speed boost.

As a run-up to OSX 10.4 (aka "Tiger"), Apple quietly released version 10.3.9 via the automated Software Update utility on Monday. There is the usual slew of feature improvements (mostly driven by user requests) to core applications like iPhoto and iMovie, and the usual tweaks to the file system and kernel ... but the real gem a serious speed boost to Safari. The average page now loads an astonishing 50% faster, making Safari a full three times quicker than Internet Exploder. Not that anyone who can actually count to three would actually use IE.

NOTE: If you are moving to Tiger at the end of the month, there is no real need for this, since all of the core apps will be completely overhauled to take advantage of Spotlight and CoreGraphics and the new Safari with RSS integration will include the speed boost ... but you will make back the 10 minutes of download time with faster browsing over the next two weeks, so why not grab it now?

Posted: Tue - April 19, 2005 at 02:47 AM