If you cell what the rock is cooking.

Hyperlinks ahoy.

Over the next few months you can count on the fact that you will hear more and more about the mysterious-yet-vaunted "cell chip" - the next contender in a long line of technologies that will "change the face of computing as we know it." Or something. Now anyone with two functioning brain cells to rub together knows that 90% of these sorts of things fizzle out and end up as much ADA about nothing (heh - little geek pun, there) but this one might actually have the jones to back it up.

They key to the "cell chip" is that it is essentially an open platform - as long as a certain set of inter-operational standards are met, developers and vendors can do anything they want with it. With that level of customization and strip-down, the chip could show up in everything from car audio systems to cell phones to game consoles to video-on-demand devices to wide-area computer systems - and all of those devices and entities would be able to talk, share data, share power, and (at some point) bring on the long-awaited digital convergence that pretty much already supposed to be here.

How much hype is there about this puppy? Enough that a single rumour that the next generation of Macintosh computers would feature the chip was enough to push Apple's share price up on 7 different stock exchanges. Is there any substance to all of this? Who knows? But if you talk about it now and it does take off, your friends will look at you as some sort of technology god.

Have fun.

Posted: Thu - February 24, 2005 at 09:02 PM