That Nano Thing

Message boards and forums around the world were awash with discussion this week when the news that some people were finding tragic screen flaws with their iPod nano. The chatter was way out of proportion to the actual number of defective units - it is estimated that less than half of 1% of all nanos sold are subject to this flaw - but when a product is this hot and a company has as many people gunning for it as Apple does, the cause and effect are often way out of proportion.

That said, there was a definite problem, and Apple is taking the high road, offering to replace any nano that the customer is unhappy with, no questions asked. This is called "customer service" - something that is becoming increasingly rare as more and more corporations take the attitude of "shut up and just be happy that we let you buy our product, you ungrateful swine." See Sony's response to PSP buyers with blown pixels for more details on this charming state of affairs.

Speaking of Apple and Sony (and we were) ... while Sony, RCA, and Samsung are still planning to pocket the government refund of the much-hated "digital piracy" tax, Apple has gone from saying that they will refund the tax to buyers to putting the refund mechanism in place. If you bought a 'pod in Canada in 2004, you are probably eligible for the refund. If you bought some other brand, well, it pretty much sucks to be you.

Posted: Wed - September 28, 2005 at 11:30 PM