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PSP - Plenty of Stuck Pixels

There has been a veritable shitstorm on the web regarding dead or stuck LCD pixels on the screens of the PlayStation Portable. Discussion forums and blogs have been rife with unhappy owners of the PSP ("Plenty o' Stuck Pixels"?) and even Sony's corporate partners like CNet have been surprisingly critical. The sticking point here isn't the pixels themselves - every manufacturer or reseller of LCD devices has issues with blown pixels. Other manufacturers, however, take the time to do at least a cursory quality check of the units before they leave the factory, and they have easy and full replacement policies for the few units that get past that check into the hands of consumers.

Sony, on the other hand, has adopted a "it's your problem, not ours" stance. From the PSP user guide (repeated verbatim in the warranty section):

"Red, blue or green spots (bright spots) or black spots (dark spots) may appear in certain locations of the LCD screen. The appearance of such spots is a normal occurrence associated with LCD screens and is not a sign of a malfunction or faulty workmanship."

In other words, sucks to be you.

Posted: Wed - March 30, 2005 at 08:57 AM