Remember the legends of the kilt pins?

So our friends at Kodesex have come up with a line of apparel that helps you advertise what kind of sex you are into or what kind of partner you are looking for. Fine. Now - while I haven't decided if this is hilarious (some of the icons are pretty funny) or actually useful - I do know that they have nowhere near the level of granularity that the average person wants in their search. Take a quick look at any online personals and you will quickly realize that nobody just wants "someone for oral sex" ... they want "a jewish partner with shaved pubes for bondage during oral" or whatever. The problem here is that each item of clothing only has one icon (even though some designs have room for 3 or 4) so to properly advertise yourself, you need to get (once again, completely for example) the "spanking" shirt, the "voyeurism" shoulder bag, the "bondage" cap, and "anal sex" travel mug.

On the other hand, this just may be a really clever marketing ploy to sell multiple items. Hmmm.

Oh - and I bet at least one sucker ends up getting one of the mouse pads as a gift and their friends conveniently not telling them what the pattern actually means. Office hilarity ensues.

Posted: Tue - January 10, 2006 at 03:35 PM