A different kind of search engine.

Mean Gene (who apparently does understand the concept of a search engine after all) sent along a link to Kartoo, which purports to be a "visual" meta search engine. Much like Dogpile, it submits your search to all of the most popular databases and compiles and organizes the results. The difference is that Kartoo displays the results as an "interactive map" that purports to show the relationships between the results.

There are two problems that are apparent with Kartoo. One, this really seems to be a solution in search of a problem ... the "map" of the results is fun to look at and mouse over, but it doesn't really give any added value to your results. Two, Kartoo uses Microsoft Java instead of real Java, so using a proper browser like Safari or Firefox gives some rather odd-looking maps. You have to use the somewhat-distasteful Internet Explorer to get the proper results.

Kartoo is an interesting idea to be sure, but for now I will stick to the SearchSpy function at Dogpile for my search engine entertainment.

Posted: Wed - July 6, 2005 at 09:58 AM