Idiot friends redux

Remember: Hi5 invite = gullible morons.

As mentioned in These Very Pages last week, the folks behind "" are making a HUGE whack of money by separating people from their legal rights not be be bothered by telemarketscum. In an effort to diversify, the tenspotters have now launched a second "service" called, which purports to be a contact management and social networking service. Unfortunately for all of the gullible sorts out there, this is the EXACT same scam, for the EXACT same reasons, and even uses the EXACT same email message with the EXACT same stupid envelope graphic - although they DID go through the effort of replacing the "tenspot" logo with the "Hi5" one. The only difference? With Hi5 they don't even have to dole out the lousy 1000 bucks a week ... smart business, that.

So far our champion is a reader who has gotten FIVE tenspot invites from people who apparently sign legal documents without reading them. Maybe someone will get lucky with Hi5 and break the record. Be sure to let us know ...

Posted: Wed - January 19, 2005 at 01:47 PM