Requiem for a pixellated hero

Get it? Video Game SCORES? Ha ha!

RadioAOL is for the most part a ghetto version of the internet radio services offered via QuickTime, iTunes, and RealNetworks. They use Windoze Media Player, for chrissake, so you can kind of get an inkling of where they are coming from technically. Yes, it sounds like shit.

But ... once in a great while they have a cool idea. Case in point: "Video Game Scores", a streaming station of non-stop videogame themes. And yes, I know the music snobs in the audience are poo-poohing the whole idea, but it is worth pointing out that all of the best game publishers have full-time composers and music directors on staff and some of their creations are compelling, evocative, and startlingly good.

That said, on AOL it still sounds like shit.

Posted: Fri - May 6, 2005 at 09:33 AM