Say Cheese

Holiday cheer for hard-bitten cons and their families.

Photoshop image manipulation is nothing new, and pretty much every Mac geek out there has sparked up the path tool, close-cropped something, and dropped it into a picture for cheap laffs. However, recent surveys have revealed that virtually everyone who has a windoze box either (a) doesn't know that this sort of thing can be done, or (b) wouldn't have clue one how to find the pathing tools, let alone use them.

The upshot? The average "Dude, you're getting a Dell!" computer owner doesn't have the ability to work some wizardry with photos, even if they desperately need to do so. Case in point - your mom, dad, wife, or husband is in the can doing hard time, and you want to send out Christmas photos. What to do?

Capitalism to the rescue, of course. For a low, low price of ten dollars Friends Beyond the Wall will take your visiting room photo from the pokey, crop you and your loved ones into a canned background, and give you the image for your special holiday cards. Really. Now your relatives don't have to know that your mate is doing time for murder one - as far as they know, you are both skiing in Aspen and shooting schnapps with the locals in front of the fire.

Posted: Wed - October 5, 2005 at 03:37 AM